God of War Ragnarok: the PS5 can spoil you, beware!

God of War Ragnarok: the PS5 can spoil you, beware!

For gamers wishing to take full advantage of God of War Ragnarok, it’s time to protect against spoilers that are starting to swarm on the web, but not only…

Dear allergic to spoilers, you who try to dodge videos, social networks and discussions between friends in order to keep the surprise of the discovery intact, pay attention! PS5 and PS4 can literally spoil you God of War Ragnaroke!

God of War Ragnarok spoiled straight to your PS5

You will indeed have to be very careful when you walk around on your PS5 or your PS4, since it is directly on the card of God of War Ragnarok that many spoilers hide.

Sony’s consoles often highlight a lot of additional content associated with your games right on the hub, including Youtube videos. And the whole problem is there, since it happens that videos from the community slip between two official trailers and spoil you with nothing but a title and a thumbnail. Boss, end of the game, environments… everything goes!

So be very careful when browsing the store or the sub-menus of your game and even more so on PS5 since the hub does not hesitate to put all this additional content under your nose with large images that are impossible to miss. Fortunately, there is a very simple little method to avoid this.

How to avoid spoilers on PS5?

By going to your console settings, you can totally tell your PS5 to isolate certain games and even content recommendations. All you have to do is block the tracking of games for which you absolutely do not want to be spoiled.

  • Settings > Saved data and games/applications settings > Tracked games > Deactivate the game of your choice (here God of War Ragnarok)

On PS5, there’s also in-console spoiler protection that you can turn on to blur sensitive content, including music videos and Youtube videos.

  • Settings > Saved Data & Game/App Settings > Spoiler Warning

By activating this last option and filtering your games, you should normally be in good conditions to enjoy your apps without missing a beat.

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