God of War Ragnarok: the end of the game explained by the developers

The end of God of War Ragnarok may not be clear to everyone. Here is the only and true explanation to fully understand. It goes without saying that this article is only composed of spoilersso at your own risk if you continue reading.


God of War Ragnarok: Endgame Explained

After Odin’s defeat, Angrboda presents Kratos with a final fresco where we learn that Faye, the bald divine’s late wife, knew her husband’s fate and had it all planned out. Afterwards, Atreus explains to his father that he must make his own path and go in search of other giants.

Kratos, who blames the blow, closes the painting and discovers another one just behind. On the last part of this other painting, we can see a representation of Kratos revered by people. A sequence that may seem blurred at first sight, since our demi-god should have died if we stick to the end of God of Warbut that will be completely clear with this explanation from Matt Sophos, Narrative Director at God of War Ragnarok.

The big figure behind Kratos is actually Thor who stands above the dead Kratos (who was in the original mural). But as Kratos changed his destiny, all of that was overlaid by the new prediction of his future – where people revere Kratos. As he tells Freya and Mimir shortly afterwards “there is a lot to do, a lot to rebuild”. So this new future is dedicated to Kratos “the rebuilder” as opposed to Kratos the “destroyer” that he was in his past.

Matt Sophos, narrative director, on the channel of Jon Ford (via MP1ST)

God of War Ragnarok: the end of the game explained by the developers

The big question now is what awaits Kratos and the players after God of War Ragnarok.

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