God of War Ragnarok shows its many gameplay evolutions

God of War Ragnarok shows its many gameplay evolutions

As promised, after his story, God of War Ragnarok emphasizes its combat and the many improvements made to the system, as well as the variety of enemies.

God of War Ragnarok is there with its weekly video. The backstage of the story gives way to those of the clashes.

The fights and enemies of God of War Ragnarok

On the same model as the previous video, God of War Ragnarok at the “fundamental basis of any game in the series”, the fights. Several developers took the floor like Grace Pan, gameplay animator who brings the characters to life, to talk about the changes in this episode.

A sequel that will push the sliders at all levels with rich and dynamic clashes thanks to a new range of moves and faster movements. Steven Oyarijivbie, combat designer, insisted on the importance of having a balance between frustration and motivation. In other words, having enemies that are not inaccessible but with the answer to give the player the satisfaction of having defeated them.

The Santa Monica Studio teams also explain the maturity acquired by Atreus, which will be reflected in the gameplay with greater initiative on the part of the young man and better collaboration with his father Kratos.

If you ever want to know more, our preview is still hot and don’t forget, watch out for spoilers following the game’s massive leak.

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