God of War Ragnarok scares other games

God of War Ragnarok scares other games

God of Ragnarok is undoubtedly one of the behemoths of this end of the year and one of the most anticipated games. To the point where other productions would have reviewed their communication plans.

Everyone can’t wait to play God of War Ragnarok, even the boss of Xbox. But some industry players would also fear it and would have preferred to take their precautions.

It’s not good to go out around God of War Ragnarok

We have seen it for several months, the expectation around GOW Ragnarok is there and growing day by day. Normal you will tell us for a AAA which more after such an acclaimed previous part. But it also creates pressure, and not only on the side of the developers or PlayStation…

Tim Gettys, from the podcast Kinda Funnysaid that God of War Ragnarok could “to be so big that others prefer to stay away from it”. A statement based on feedback he may have had from people in the industry.

I think we come to this interesting point where games are afraid of God of War Ragnarok. I had calls from professionals who told me things that shocked me. They told me “we withdraw, we backtrack, we leave space to God of War “.

No names, but we can make some guesses. The first that comes to mind is the PS5 and PC exclusive Forspoken. Square Enix indeed justified this postponement with this sentence after discussion with our privileged partners, we made the strategic decision to postpone the launch of Forspoken as of January 24, 2023 ». Then there would be Hogwarts Legacy which would be tipped for the beginning of December, a little less than a month after the next part of the adventures of Kratos, which would allow him to breathe.

And then beyond, behind the scenes, there may also be speaking times that have been shifted. In contrast, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 or Gotham Knights seem ready to face the bearded bald man. See you on November 9 on PS5 and PS4 to find out if this “fear” was founded or not.

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