God of War Ragnarok reveals a very moving secret

God of War Ragnarok reveals a very moving secret

God of War Ragnarok isn’t just a bunch of muscle, the game has a soft heart too, and the developers have paid a heartfelt tribute to one of their own.

God of War Ragnarok has many hidden secrets and easter eggs that are gradually being revealed. But none of them will be as touching as the one we are about to talk about.

Notice to those who wish to keep the secret intact, the lines below will spoil a good part of a side quest.

The whole homage revolves around the “Across the Realms” side quest, which tells the story of two men, a couple, who traveled a long way through the Nordic realms before finding a cozy nest. A place they would call home.

By following this quest, players will be able to find an eternal fire, a symbol of their love, where it will be possible to cook a special recipe to get their hands on a reward.
A very tender quest that echoes a true story, and much sadder.

Santa Monica makes a beautiful tribute in God of War Ragnarok

This tribute indeed refers to Sam Handrick and Jake Snipes, two developers from Santa Monica who met in 2019 on the development of God of War Ragnarok. Inseparable, the couple will travel a lot sharing their love for cooking. Unfortunately, in 2020, Jake Snipes will be swept away by an epilepsy which will prove fatal.

Sam Handrick, devastated, will then ask Santa Monica that it is possible to slip a simple little tribute in the form of a heart painted on the stone. But the developers will go even further, and will give birth to a particularly moving quest. As much as the story of this couple that life will have separated far too quickly, as Sam explains on Twitter :

Jake died in 2020 from complications from epilepsy. I was heartbroken. I still am. I always will be. I spent months barely wanting to live. But when I came back to Ragnarok, I wanted it to be all it deserved. And I was hoping I could leave a piece of him there. I will forever be indebted to Eric Williams. When I got back to work, I asked Eric if we could include a memorial to Jake. He did so much more.

I suggested Eric carve our initials into a heart somewhere in the game. And he and the team came up with that and something even more special. The story of two men who find themselves in an often cruel world, and who simply find a place to belong to each other.

This story is one many queer people know: traveling through a world that doesn’t always understand you to find a place where you truly call home. And sometimes that place is just a person. And something as simple as a recipe can be a link to that home.

This fire keeps burning. Through the coldest days, through the nights you don’t want to live. It will take place in this world where we are created forever, carrying the story of a man in whom I found something unspeakable. Something I still wear now.

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