God of War Ragnarok: players make a rather crazy discovery

Observing with a magnifying glass a certain scene of God of War Ragnarok, players have made a stunning find. Santa Monica Studio has taken the sense of detail very far.

They say the devil is in the details. An expression that suits perfectly God of War Ragnarok. Warning spoilers on an encounter and an important fight that takes place in the first hours of the game.


God of War Ragnarok: the detail that kills

God of War Ragnarok is finally the opportunity for Kratos to have his muscular face to face with the Norse god Thor, and this very quickly in the story. A fight at the top where the two characters exchange very violent attacks. After a bad blow to the jaw, the son of Odin has no choice but to pull a tooth. A molar which is then thrown to the ground by Thor during a cutscene.

But according to several testimonies, Santa Monica Studio has taken the attention to detail to the maximum in God of War Ragnarok. While closely observing the area after the fight, players discovered a small object on the ground that would be the tooth of Thor.

A collective hallucination? Not really. Even if the quality of the video leaves much to be desired, we do indeed see something that can be likened to a tooth. In the comments, a user reports that you can even hear a sound when it is swung on the ice.

You can hear it too. When he throws his tooth after the fight, there is a very clear but subtle sound of him landing on the ice.

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