God of War Ragnarok: PETA demands a better game

We can say that we did not see it coming! PETA takes on God of War Ragnarok for a scene that goes badly.

Huge spoiler warning!!!


PETA wants a special mode for God of War Ragnarok

PETA, which fights daily for animal rights, played God of War Ragnarok or at least received reports on the game. The association does not appreciate that Kratos & Atreus can hit animals, but it is especially the fate of one of them that blocks.

Towards the latter part of the title, the father-son duo cross paths with Garm in Niflheim. A huge chained dog guarding the entrance to this realm. A vision that therefore has no more at PETA.

This dog has been chained outside in the cold for ages. Kratos and Atreus found it in deplorable conditions, enduring the ravages of the Fimbulwinter cold. God of War Ragnarok) without any shelter. He also had no food (apart from Kratos), nor water. All dogs deserve loving homes and warm beds, even if they are 60 feet tall. If you’re cold, they’re cold. Dogs should never be chained or confined outdoors.

Following this video, PETA also calls for a “violence-free” mode towards animals:

We’re asking Santa Monica Studio to create a “PETA mode” so that God of War Ragnarok can be played without animal abuse!

can we read on their Twitter account.

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