God of War Ragnarok: one of the best elements of the game thanks to… a child

God of War Ragnarok is in the hands of millions of players and is making a phenomenal start United Kingdom. But one of the elements could have been very different if a young person had not intervened in the process.

Spoiler alert on the characters!


God of War Ragnarok reveals one of its secrets

God of War Ragnarok taking place in Norse mythology, it involves two expected protagonists: Thor and his father Odin. The latter is brilliantly played by Richard Schiff (good doctorMan of Steel…) who could have refused the role if his son had not ordered him to accept without asking questions.

It was Eric Williams, game director, who explained this in the columns of Game Informer.

We didn’t even think he would answer our call. It has nothing to do with video games. Richard was in his car with his son when we called him, who is a big fan of God of War, and asked him “Do you know what GOW is? “. And then her son said to her, “Just say yes. No matter what, say yes”.

To finish persuading his dad, the child wrote two pages to give him a summary and context of the 2018 episode. The next day, the actor was in the Santa Monica offices to discuss with the teams on God of War Ragnarok.

An anecdote confirmed by Richard Schiff on Twitter:

God of War Ragnarok is available on PS4 and PS5. And be careful, your console could seriously spoil the adventure.

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