God of War Ragnarok on the verge of burning your PS4?

God of War Ragnarok on the verge of burning your PS4?

After a five-year absence, the father-son duo are back in God of War Ragnarok. A long-awaited PlayStation exclusive that is also releasing on PS4. Unlike its little sister, the console is visibly struggling to take the hit, supporting videos.

God of War Ragnarok puts the PS4 in PLS

While many players have turned to the PS5 version, others are confined to the PS4 by choice or constraint due to lack of stock. Several comparisons are already flourishing on the Web and report a solid version that only runs at 1080p and 30 fps of course, but with nice graphics that do honor to the previous generation. This care taken by Santa Monica Studio, however, has a price. When the embargoes were lifted, several tests stipulated that God of War Ragnarok clearly undermines the PS4, in its classic version as Pro. Now that the game is officially in the wild, videos are starting to pop up on the Web and it’s enough to hurt the eardrums over the length.

God of War Ragnarok is clearly pushing the PS4 Pro as a classic to its limits and the breathless console is as loud as an airplane according to several users. So much so that those who play without headphones are forced to raise the sound of their TV considerably to be able to hear at least the dialogues and the music. The performance gap between the PS4 and PS5 grows ever wider with each new big PlayStation exclusive. The limits of cross-gen releases are slowly starting to be felt, but Santa Monica Studio will have the merit of offering a clean PS4 version with several performance options. You just have to make sure you have headphones on to play God of War Ragnarok.

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