God of War : “Ragnarok is coming”, get ready!

God of War : “Ragnarok is coming”, get ready!

You will recover a little God of War Ragnarok? At the heart of the news all week, the PS5 exclusive continues its teasing in a more aggressive way.

Still no announcement around the release date of God of War Ragnarok, but that’s not stopping Cory Barlog from hyping fans up in turn. While everyone expected to have news of the game this week, the producer comes to add his two cents.

Cory Barlog teasing God of War Ragnarok

There was no announcement this week, but something is afoot. Cory Barlog had announced the color to calm the ardor of the fans, the game will show itself when the developers are ready. And if it wasn’t this week, it will obviously be very soon. « (The) Ragnarok is coming motherf*ckers tweeted the producer this Saturday, July 2. A simple message that evokes both the title of the game and the end of the prophetic world of mythology, which obviously ignited social networks instantly with more than 30,000 likes on this tweet alone.

Despite the harassment of the developers, especially with fans sending photos of their penises against the release date, the studio does not seem to want to calm the ardor of the fans, even if it has cropped the most toxic. It is precisely this information that should be announced with an overview of the collectors’ editions of God of War Ragnarok, the content of which we already know thanks to a leaked. Let’s hope that Santa Monica Studio still spoils us with a little gameplay and a trailer while waiting for a possible State of Play or an appearance at the PlayStation Showcase.

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