God of War Ragnarok definitely makes this unlikely game canon

Definitely, God of War Ragnarok holds even more surprises than we thought. Another PlayStation easter egg has been spotted and you may have missed it without knowing it.


A forgotten PlayStation game in God of War Ragnarok

With Kvasir’s poems, God of War Ragnarok pays homage to PlayStation franchises such as Horizon, Dreams, Bloodborne, Death Stranding and even The Last of Us. But there is another much more amazing easter egg.

In this episode as in the previous one, our journey is punctuated by the delicious tales of Mimir, the talking decapitated head. Very nice discussions that serve as parentheses during boat trips in God of War Ragnarok and which also enrich the lore.

Our colleagues from Press Start rightly identified a conversation that mentions Kratos’ past exploits as a fighter in another game…

  • Mimir: “I also heard that you had fought in a tournament”
  • Kratos: “I fought many battles”
  • Mimir: “But this one in particular, I heard you faced beasts, scoundrels, princesses, undead, automatons and… the greatest musician in history.” It’s not… it’s not true, is it? »
  • Kratos: ” I do not wanna talk about it “
  • Mimir: “Okay, brother”

Mimir here refers to PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Kratos was in this smash bros-like alongside Fat Princess, Nathan Drake (Uncharted), Sir Daniel Fortesque (Medievil) or Jak & Daxter. God of War Ragnarok rehabilitates and considers as canon a title that disappeared from the radar.

Ragnarok is available on PS5, PS4, and it’s already a success in itself. If you haven’t started, make sure you have installed the latest update.

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