God of War Ragnarok confirms a highly anticipated mechanic

God of War Ragnarok confirms a highly anticipated mechanic

Difficult to miss information about God of War Ragnarok as the game unleashes passions. Like this new information.

Sony Santa Monica keeps teasing for its much-desired sound God of War Ragnarok and tells us this time about a highly anticipated mechanic about the game’s armor. It’s via a question-and-answer session on the Official discord from the studio that we can learn the information.

Transmogrification on God of War Ragnarok

Mihir Sheith, Head of Combat Design in God of War Ragnarok said the ability to transmogrify armor was in-game. Sheith didn’t specify how a player would be able to use this feature, so it could be a major gameplay element.

If you didn’t know, a transmog system is a popular feature in MMOs and RPGs that allows the player to change the visual appearance of an item or piece of gear while retaining the associated statistics. If you hate the design of a super armor you can therefore keep its characteristics but change its aesthetics. Something more than welcome and in high demand on GOW Ragnarok.

It is, for example, a mechanism highly appreciated by World of Warcraft players. It is also present in solo RPGs like Cyberpunk 2077 to name just one. This works for armor but it is also often the case for weapons which is not yet specified for GOW.

For the record, the game is expected for November 9, 2022 on PS4 and PS5.

What do you think of the addition of this mechanic in GOW? Is this something you were asking for?

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