God of War Ragnarok: breathtaking new images

God of War Ragnarok: breathtaking new images

Sony and Santa Monica Studio share loads of new footage from God of War Ragnarok. Enough to raise the hype well before the release and to discover the duo from every angle.

No PlayStation Showcase, but that doesn’t stop Sony from communicating around God of War Ragnarok before its release. A developer has indeed shared a new burst of images that has already captivated fans.

Gorgeous new images from God of War Ragnarok

Only a few short weeks left before finding the most violent of father-son duos. The call of Ragnarök is near and with it new information and images. Sony and Santa Monica have indeed unveiled Kratos and Atreus from every angle. The opportunity to discover more fully the transformation of the young boy who will have a central role in the plot. According to Raf Grassetti, artistic director of God of War Ragnarok, it took several tries and several months to arrive at these designs. The developers finally opted for a simpler look, explained by the absence of Brok and Sindri during the transition between the two games.

Santa Monica preferred a more fantastic approach for the “Boy” in order to better mark what awaits him. Kratos on the other hand has a tougher look, wearing only a bearskin to reflect the hardships he’s endured so far. Moreover, the studio took care to recall its previous trip by leaving a piece of the bandages worn in the 2018 opus. In parallel, the artistic director shared a new series of in-game images showing some -some of the sublime environments that you will be able to discover from November 9th. It will nevertheless make room on its console, because it will be a heavyweight. All these shots can be found in the gallery below.

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