God of War Ragnarok: an impressive feat that commands respect

When we have full control God of War Ragnarok, it can lead to an exploit of this kind. A feat shared on video with even advice on how to do it yourself.

Like his eldest, God of War Ragnarok has additional challenges to challenge players. Mission fully accomplished for this person. Spoiler alert!!


A knockout record on God of War Ragnarok

Even if there is a Valkyrie to defeat in the end-game, these formidable enemies have been replaced by Berserkers in God of War Ragnarok. And as with the Valkyries, there is a leader, here King Hrolf Kraki. One of the toughest opponents in the game with a power level of 9.

Despite the difficulty, he has just been beaten in… 25 seconds! A triumphant victory that NobleRez hastened to capture and share on the Reddit forums. As soon as this player or this player against the first assault, it is a festival of runic attacks and other techniques.

A hidden cheatcode of God of War Ragnarok? No. A superhuman player? Not necessarily, but he or she has prepared in advance so as not to fail. In a another post, this person details everything that needs to be done. From the combos to perform to the weapons, armor and various equipment to be preferred, everything is listed there. You just have to try to replicate the achievement.

In a few days, God of War Ragnarok crushed the other PlayStation exclusives, even though Pokemon Scarlet showed who’s boss.

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