God of War Ragnarok: an extremely disappointed game artist

God of War Ragnarok: an extremely disappointed game artist

Thus, we can learn that a music production intern who worked on God of War Ragnarok explains that she feels disappointed and discouraged, after she was not credited for her work in the famous PlayStation exclusive.

God of War Ragnarok and the Story of the Intern

It is through a twitter thread for the young artist to explain her story about God of War Ragnarok:

I better get this out before Twitter dies.

I’m so happy to see that so many people appreciate God of War Ragnarok! I worked on editing/arranging/implementing the Freya chase scene and the boss fight music Thor. You can hear a bit of the music from each scene in this video!

I want to give a little wink to Thor’s fight because it was a fun exercise in musical arrangement. The original mix was over-orchestrated and needed to be toned down to allow room for growth in later phases. I made new stems using different combinations of the original stems…

unfortunately my name is not in the credits, and apparently it cannot be added in a patch update. I was told that in order to be credited, my contribution to the game must meet certain “minimum criteria”, hence my tweet on Monday. I still don’t know what those criteria might be…

I was incredibly disappointed and discouraged to learn of this, and I wouldn’t want anyone else to have to go through this.

Game developers, please credit EVERYONE who is involved in the development of a game. It makes sense.

Have a nice day ?

Following this Sean LaValle, Senior Audio Technical Designer of Santa Monica Studio (God of War Ragnarok) immediately replied to the young woman:

I’m so sorry to hear that, Jessica! I completely agree that everyone who has contributed to a project should be given credit.

It may be too late, but I will definitely find out about it.

For the moment we have no sequel to this story and we obviously hope that the young composer will be able to win her case and find herself in the credits of God of War Ragnarok.

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