God of War Ragnarok: a gore game like back then? It will bleed !

Back to basics with God of War Ragnarok? The continuation of the adventures of Kratos and Atreus would be much more violent and vulgar than its predecessor according to the ESBR.

God of War (2018) marked a turning point in the franchise. Players were able to find a calmer Kratos and above all a less gory title than usual. His retirement is over, the PlayStation icon could return to his good old habits with God of War Ragnarok.

God of War Ragnarok more violent than its predecessor?

Players can’t wait to find Kratos. Long-time fans will have a new reason to be hyped: God of War Ragnarok should be as violent and vulgar as it was then. The information was given by the ESBR, the equivalent of the American PEGI, which specified that the character will not be in the lace. Spurting blood, dismemberments, impalements, beheadings… Kratos should let loose to slay fantastic creatures. ” The words m*rde and f*tain have also heard in the game “says the organization.

God of War  ragnarok violence

Players are therefore able to expect finish moves more brutal and a more gory game than in the God of War of 2018. The franchise could then return to its roots in terms of brutality and violence. It now remains to be seen to what extent this will be applied during the 40 hours needed to finish the game. See you on November 9 on PS5 and PS4 to find out all about it.

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