God of War : an amazing new discovery five years later

From time to time, gamers make surprising discoveries when they dive back into their favorite games. There are many small details that seem like nothing, but put end to end make all the salt of a work. Today a fan made an interesting find on God of War (2018).

A new discovery in God of War

Waiting for the arrival of God of War Ragnarok this November 9, 2022, several players are preparing by returning to the first adventures of Kratos and Atreus. Adventures punctuated by memorable and epic boss fights, like the one against the dragon Hraezlyr. Like many enemies who will cross the path of the Godslayer, the creature will be left for dead and the duo will continue on their way. What you probably missed is that if you return to the scene of his death, his body decomposes as you progress.

God of War  discovery

One can for example discover the corpse of the deceased dragon towards the end of God of War. Not only does his head look even more shattered than it was, but it even looks like a traveler has come to steal the rest of his teeth. An interesting detail, since it’s a very popular material, especially with artisan dwarves. Who knows ? This may be a clue to certain parts of the history of God of War Ragnarok? This shared discovery on Reddit in any case did not fail to surprise the community which seems fond of this kind of small details.

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