God of War : a new PS5 game already in development?

God of War : a new PS5 game already in development?

What will be the next game from SIE Santa Monica Studio? A new God of War ? A completely new franchise? Several things are in the pipes.

The creative director of God of War Ragnarok, Cory Barlog and Eric Williams, the director, were interviewed by the LA Times who wanted to extract information from the developers about the future of their studio.

A new God of War or anything else?

In the article of Los Angeles Timeswe learn that Cory Barlog is currently at work on “many different things”. Information not so new in reality and unfortunately, he did not let go of the piece during this interview. On the other hand, SIE Santa Monica has already admitted to being on an unannounced game that could be in development for more than two years.

According to job offers, the title would remain in the genre of action-RPG in a fantasy universe. A new franchise that would be led by Cory Barlog, the director of God of War (2018). A lot of people have speculated that the creator might also be leaning towards the SF style instead, but so far there hasn’t been any hard evidence.

And a new game God of War ? Given the rapid start of Ragnarok and the success of this formula, it is unlikely that Santa Monica Studio will throw in the towel. And besides, it wouldn’t bother Eric Williams, director of the last episode, who would have no trouble continuing his work on the license.

I remember talking with someone from a video game company who was trying to get me to leave. He told me “Do you want to be known as the guy from God of War for the rest of your life? And then I said, was that your big argument to dissuade me? Because yes, that’s what I want in a way”.

In the years to come, SIE Santa Monica could therefore alternate between their new IP, GOW and who knows, still other things.

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