GigaByte competes with Samsung with its M32QC screen on sale at Rue du Commerce!

GigaByte competes with Samsung with its M32QC screen on sale at Rue du Commerce!

In the PC monitor market, competition is fierce. It happens that certain specialized brands, initially in another type of product, come out with super interesting screens. Right now it’s gigabyte that makes the leader of screens sweat: Samsung.

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The M32QC monitor is now on sale at Rue du Commerce

When it comes to saving money on PC equipment, Rue du Commerce proves to be the ideal online seller. Currently, we are entitled to a superb reduction of the M32QC screen from Gigabyte.

The M32QC, which has features almost similar to the Samsung Odyssey G7, is available for less than 270 euros, after a reduction of 33%. An opportunity not to be missed!

Perfect for Gaming

Thanks to their reactive screen and exceptional image sharpness, there is no longer any doubt about the advantage that a good PC screen provides in the field of competitive games.

Even if Samsung has the monopoly of PC screens, you should not be satisfied with the South Korean brand. Indeed, competing brands continue to progress by offering strong arguments. And this is the case of Gigabyte with its M32QC monitor.

This curved screen offers a curve less than 1500R, less pronounced than the Samsung Odyssey. So it’s perfect for gamers who aren’t sure about getting into curved screens.

The QHD (2560×1440) resolution of this screen is accompanied by a refresh rate that can go up to 170Hz. Add to that a response time of 1 millisecond. Ultimately, this screen offers a top-notch gaming experience, despite its price.

Don’t MISS this great opportunity and order the GigaByte M32QC which is now at 269.90 euros !

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