Ghost of Tsushima: nice gifts on PS4, jealous PS5 players

Ghost of Tsushima: nice gifts on PS4, jealous PS5 players

If Sony is focusing all its efforts on the PS5, the Japanese firm has just made a nice gift to PS4 players. A set of dynamic themes centered around Ghost of Tsushima are available for free download via a simple code to enter on the PS Store.

Three Free Ghost of Tsushima Dynamic Themes

One of them depicts a scene in the forest lit by pretty rays of sunshine with the hero in its center, one is inspired by Asian prints, while the last is based on images from the game with some effects. All particularly successful, they are nevertheless not new and had already been offered on a few occasions. To redeem these Ghost of Tsushima dynamic themes, head to the “Redeem Codes” page on the PS Store. You will only have to enter the European code, namely: 4PNM-4RNP-9C92 to retrieve the pack.

The availability of these gifts does not seem to be limited in time, but we cannot advise you too much not to wait too long. At this announcement, PS5 gamers expressed their disappointment at the lack of a feature similar to Dynamic Themes on their console. ” I’m still sad that I can’t use mine anymore. I had lots of dynamic themes, especially thanks to my collector’s editions, and I can’t use them anymore. I hope they bring them back to PS5 “, comments for example a player. An answer that echoes several other comments asking for this feature. Now it remains to be seen if Sony will bring them back to its new console somehow.

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