Ghibli: after 10 years of waiting, Miyazaki’s next film is revealed

Ghibli: after 10 years of waiting, Miyazaki's next film is revealed

Hayao Miyazaki is without question one of the most appreciated directors within the Ghibli studios. With the announcement of his last film in 2013 and a 10-year retirement, there was little hope of seeing a new film from the master of Japanese animation on the big screen. But surprised, Ghibli announces its twelfth film somewhat by surprise: How do you live?

Miyazaki finally back for a new Ghibli

How do you live? What is behind this mysterious title? Well it will be the free adaptation of a novel by Genzaburo Yoshino published in 1937. So much for the scenario of the novel:

Junichi Honda is a fifteen-year-old high school student, known by the nickname Koperu, after the astronomer Nicolas Copernicus. He is athletic, good at studying, and popular at school. Koperu’s father, a banking executive, died when he was young and he lives with his mother. His uncle (on his mother’s side) lives nearby and often visits him. Koperu and his uncle are very close. Koperu talks about his life and his uncle gives him support and advice. His uncle also records and comments on these interactions in a diary, intending to give it to Koperu.

The novel is in fact a look at modern society (at the time) and a critique of pre-war imperialism. It is for this reason that the book was banned for several years by the Japanese regime and that its author was imprisoned for several years.

In short, as always with Miyazaki, the content is as important as the form. There is currently no release date for the film in France but it should logically be released after the summer of 2023 (release date in Japan). We are obviously eager to know more.

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