Genshin Impact: a unique event exclusively in France

Genshin Impact: a unique event exclusively in France

The excitement around Genshin Impact continues and a one-of-a-kind event is going to take place exclusively in France. Explanations

Video games come in many forms. Books, music, films, etc… and the J-RPG Genshin Impact will enjoy the honor of having an exhibition just for him. This is called “Endless adventure in Teyvat” and it takes place at the
Joseph-Froissart Gallery in Paris in the 3rd arrondissement. What to discover the art of the game through beautiful illustrations. If the exhibition is free to access without reservation, more than 13,000 visitors have already pre-registered online to go there.

Behind the scenes of Genshin Impact

The exhibit features more than 40 concept art, sketches, models, developer trivia, video footage and soundtrack albums, as well as a collection of game-inspired artwork by fans and artists. In short, it’s a bit of a unique opportunity to go behind the scenes of the successful J-RPG and above all to understand its impact and how it achieved the feat of being played all over the world and especially in France. . Note also that it was the vote of the players for the GOTY during the Game Awards.

The exhibition will be divided into four parts which will present:

– Varied landscapes, creatures, cultures and stories with over 25 concept illustrations and a 14m² 3D game map model.

– The presentation of more than 60 unique playable characters, including the creation process of Yun Jin and Xiao.

– A collection of 14 tracks from the original soundtrack and performance videos from world famous orchestras and musicians.

– Fan art, including the latest from talented French artist duo Zim&Zou.

Note that this exhibition begins now and ends on January 10. We will therefore have to act relatively quickly to take advantage of it. The weekend of January 7-8 being the only weekend to take advantage of it if you are working, for example. It is already quite surprising that France can take advantage of this exclusivity.

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