Gears of War: the creator of the game does not want this Hollywood star

Gears of War: the creator of the game does not want this Hollywood star

It may not have escaped your attention, but Gears of War will be entitled to a film and series adaptation. Enough to have legitimate expectations and apprehensions.

As we explained in this news, the streaming giant Netflix wants to make a film and an animated series on Gears of War. The film being a live adaptation, a big casting will necessarily take place to find the headliners. Well the creator of the game, Cliff Bleszinski already knows who he doesn’t want.

Gears of War will it be without him?

In a tweet, Cliff Bleszinski was pretty clear about his idea for the Gears of War adaptation:

Oh and keep Chris Pratt away from the Gears franchise, please FFS.

This statement comes in particular in the rather particular context of the presence of Chris Pratt in the role of Mario for the film of the same name. It must be said that the fans were bitterly disappointed by the actor’s performance in the trailer and that we can understand their fears of seeing the Hollywood actor “again” in another video game adaptation. Like, for example, Gears of War…

In general, Chris Pratt seems to tense the minds of some spectators since his omnipresence on the screen in recent years. And clearly Cliff Bleszinski seems to agree. However, when a fan puts forward the idea of ​​seeing the actor embody the Carmine brothers (cult characters from the license) Cliff B confesses that it could work.

Ok, listen to me:
Chris Pratt could play all of the Carmine Brothers.

It… might work…

It is also a joke in the sense that the Carmine brothers never take off their helmets throughout the game. It will therefore be the opportunity for the actor to play in the film without having to see it. It’s a bit cruel.

What do you think of this statement? Would you like to see Chris Pratt play in the live adaptation of Gears of War?

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