Gears of War: a new game on the way but not what you imagine

Gears of War: a new game on the way but not what you imagine

When you are in love with a license, you are necessarily impatiently waiting for any news on the subject. Here’s what to do for Gears of War

It’s been a while since there have been rumors and other rumors around a new game on the license gears of War at Steamforged Games, specialist and publisher of board games. But here is for this beginning of the year 2023 a formalization in good and due form:

Gears of War like you’ve never seen

You have surely been able to understand it, it is not a video game.

The rumors are true. Be ready. Gears of War: The Card Game will roll out in 2023.

Obviously as it is still too early, we don’t know anything more and we don’t even benefit from a small illustration of the box or the card game in question. At least in the meantime, fans of Gears of War will be entitled to a whole new support for the franchise and what to wait until the next video game. Note that Steamforged Games is the creator of Dark Souls: The Roleplaying Game and Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game. So the company can be trusted to take good care of it.

In addition to the absence of illustration, there is nothing either about the price or even the rules of the game. All that remains is to be patient. The latest game in the franchise gears is Gears 5, released in 2019. Fans were also treated to the style X-COM via Gears Tactics in 2020, but didn’t have much more to eat

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