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Disappointed by the end of Gears, Audrey Fleurot revealed during her visit to the Monte Carlo Television Festival what she would have liked to see in the conclusion of the Canal + series.

Engrenages, the first original Canal + production, ended in October 2020 after 8 seasons of loyal service. An ending that the showrunner had called “natural and organic“, with a happy ending for most of the characters: we saw the departure of the police from Laure (Caroline Proust) who wanted to focus on her spouse and her daughter. Gilou (Thierry Godard) was simply struck off the ranks.

Joséphine (Audrey Fleurot) also had the right to her happy ending. We could see his more sensitive side and a rapprochement with Edelman (Louis-Do De Lencquesaing). If the conclusion of the series was intended to be brighter than the rest, this bias did not necessarily please all the fans … and Fleurot herself.

The actress, currently starring in the HPI series for TF1, discussed her career at a press conference at the Monte Carlo Television Festival. Asked about the end of Gears, the latter chose to answer frankly:

I would have preferred that she went to the dark side. I would have preferred that she left the bar, that she became the queen of the mafia. Well, I don’t know, but in any case, I think it was more in the DNA of the series to switch to the other side since she always had this borderline side and she would have been up to ‘at the end to defend the widow and the orphan. Faced with so many failures, I would have found it strong enough that she returned the dress. It’s a happy ending even though we had all gone on something a little darker. But there was a general desire to end with something rather bright. Personally, the idea that the final conclusion is something as normative as a love affair with this guy she’s had next to her for so long, I find it disappointing.. “

But all is perhaps not finished for our lawyer since last December, the French channel confessed work on a sequel of Gears. If we do not yet know which characters will return and what form it will take, we hope to have answers soon.

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