Game of Thrones : where is the last book? The creator answers!

Game of Thrones : where is the last book? The creator answers!

The Winds of Winter, the sixth and final book by Game of Thrones, will it come out one day? The author George RR Martin gives (again) news.

The literary saga Game of Thrones, the Iron Throne with us, will not end like the series. But for now, fans are mostly wondering if it will ever end. I promise, it’s progressing, it’s progressing.

News from the ultimate book Game of Thrones

George RR Martin is a bit too much on all fronts to the point where his most anticipated project is struggling to hit bookstores. The sixth and final book of Game of Thrones, The Winds of Winter, is still in the writing stage. A volume that will be bigger than all the others available. We are talking about more than 1500 pages, which obviously takes time. Even more so with rewrite sessions.

And the last question I knew someone was going to ask me: do you have any news about The Winds of Winter? I think it will be the same answer formulated for a long time (laughs). I keep working on it, and it keeps getting longer and longer. I was re-reading chapters I had written earlier and didn’t like them enough so I kind of trashed it and rewrote it.

It’s a big, big book, I’ve said that before. This book is a challenge. It will probably be a bigger book than any other volume in the series. The Dance of Dragons and Storms of Swords were the two biggest books in the series. Both were approximately 1500 pages. I think this one will be longer when I finish it.

George RR Martin during a livestream (via ResetERA).

And so, where is the progress of this book? Game of Thrones ? The creator estimates that he is currently at 75% in his writing process. In addition to that, he is working on four other books, five live-action adaptations for HBO, and several animated series. Retirement is not for now and fans will certainly be delighted.

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