Game Awards 2022: recap of all the games announced, there is some very heavy

So was the ceremony as crazy as expected? What did the Game Awards 2022 have in store for us? There are big announcements and very nice surprises.

This Thursday evening, the video game industry put on its 31 on the occasion of the Game Awards 2022. A ceremony of more than three and a half hours where awards and announcements of games were linked. A show that will undoubtedly remain in the annals as Geoff Keighley had not managed to create the surprise for so long. Between games that no one expected, confirmed rumors, release dates or great updates, here is the big recap of these TGA 2022.

From Hades 2 to Bayonetta Origins, big surprises at The Game Awards 2022

Game Awards 2022 recap

The publishers did not go out of their way at the Game Awards 2022. An unmissable event for several years, the ceremony also serves as a springboard for developers to unveil their games or communicate about them in a powerful way. Geoff Keighley had promised a show full of surprises and the bugger hadn’t lied. Coming out of nowhere, Hades 2 was indeed announced for the current 2023 in early access. A direct sequel to the critically and commercially successful rogue-like, the title will feature Melinoë, Princess of the Underworld and sister of Zagreus. A title in the vein of its predecessor that will carry titanic expectations on its shoulders.

Some fans had a heart attack from the first images, but no it was not Bioshock 4. Ghost Story Games, the new studio of the creator of the cult license, has finally presented its first game: Judas. An FPS which takes up all the codes that are dear to it, but which should be a little more than a Bioshock in space. At least we hope so. Among the new games that did not have leaked, Bayonetta Origins created a surprise. Prequel to the franchise, the title will go off the beaten path to tell the story of Cereza until her transformation into an experienced witch. The appointment is given for March 17, 2023, still exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

For their part, FromSoftware fans were not only delighted with the consecration ofElden Ring to the sacrosanct title of GOTY. The Japanese studio will still not give Bloodborne 2 to players, but will revive one of its equally popular licenses with Armored Core 6. This unexpected new opus will be available on PS5, PS4, Xbox SeriesXbox One and PC via Steam in 2023. The French of Don’t Nod also took advantage of the Game Awards 2022 to unveil their new project: Banishers Ghosts of New Eden.

Release dates galore and highly anticipated announcements

Game Awards 2022 Death Stranding 2

How to talk about the Game Awards 2022 without mentioning its recurring guest: Hideo Kojima. The teasing hadn’t been subtle for several weeks, it was Death Stranding 2 that was announced exclusively on PS5. No exit window, we just know that Sam and Fragile will replace for new adventures. The more adventurous can, however, go hunting for the secrets hidden in the trailer. Long-awaited from the box of the anime on Netflix the DLC Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty also took advantage of the Game Awards 2022 to create a surprise. More than new images of the extension, it was above all the announcement of Idris Elba in the casting that captured the attention of the audience.

In the radius of additional content, impossible not to mention Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores, DLC which leaked several hours before D-Day. Aloy will set off to discover an abandoned Los Angeles from April 2023, on PS5 only. The Game Awards 2022 also lifted the veil on some highly anticipated announcements. Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League has finally revealed its release date, while confirming the presence of Batman, who will be played one last time by Kenvin Conroy.

Came straight from a galaxy far away, Star Wars Jedi Survivor has finally shown its first gameplay footage and some environments that you can discover on March 17 on PS5, Xbox Series and pc. Diablo 4 also returned with a release date and an explosive trailer that was accompanied by a musical performance by singer Halsey. The Game Awards 2022 also ended with Final Fantasy 16. The surprise had been spoiled but the game still provided the show with a grandiose trailer, which suggests a much more promising action-RPG than at its debut . PS5 players will therefore be able to discover the epic story of Clive from June 22, 2023.

The list of all The Game Awards 2022 announcements

The Game Awards 2022 were also the scene of other announcements which did not deserve against the other big names. Tekken 8 showed off a juicier gameplay sequence with fan-favorite characters, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 showcased its first raids, while PlayStation announced two PC ports of its PS5 exclusives. The Super Mario movie also returned to impress fans, as Crash Bandicoot announced its Team Rumble party game. Here is the list of all the trailers and announcements of these TGAs.

Final Fantasy 16: release date and new trailer

Armored Core 6 Fires of Rubicon, return of a cult license

Hades 2, the unexpected announcement of the Game Awards 2022

Judas, the new game from the creator of BioShock

Death Stranding 2: Kojima hits hard

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty: a renowned actor for the DLC

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: gamelay and a release date

Diablo 4: Game Awards 2022 trailer and release date

Street Fighter 6: release date, mini-games and new characters

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League: Batman Returns

Tekken 8: the story unfolds

Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores: DLC trailer

super mario movie Bros : Game Awards 2022 trailer

Crash Team Rumble: a party game from 2023

Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine 2: the gameplay finally revealed

Bayonetta Origins Cereza and the Lost Demon: a prequel like no other

Earthblade, by the creator of Celeste

Hellboy Web of Wyrd announced at The Game Awards 2022

Crime Boss Rockay City: Chuck Norris in a video game

The Lords of the Fallen: gameplay for souls-like

The Last of Us Part 1 is coming to PC

Returnal also on PC

Baldur’s Gate 3: an explosive trailer at the Game Awards 2022

Transformers Reactivate

Banishers Ghosts of New Eden: new Don’t Nod game (Life is Strange)

Immortals of Aveum: EA Originals Single Player Shooter

Remnant 2: finally a sequel

Blue Protocol is coming to us

After Us: the poetic moment of the Game Awards 2022

Replaced: gameplay for the cyberpunk action game

Dead Cells Return to Castlevania: a promising DLC

Wild Hearts: big monsters and gameplay for the Monster Hunter competitor

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 raids revealed

Fire Emblem Engage: a Season Pass with popular characters

Dune Awakening: a beautiful trailer at the Game Awards 2022

Destiny 2 Eclipse

Among Us: a Hide n’ Seek mode

Horizon Call of the Mountain: Game Awards 2022 teaser

Post Trauma: horror game inspired by Resident Evil

Viewfinder: an intriguing puzzle game

Atomic Heart: Arlekino Gameplay Trailer

Scars Above: a release date for the sci-fi TPS

Relic Hunters Legend, a game published by Gearbox

Nightingale, by BioWare alumni

Wayfinder, a multiplayer action-RPG

Behemoth: a promising PSVR 2 game

Meet Your Maker, the little UFO of the Game Awards 2022

Company of Heroes 3 announced

Party Animals: a crazy game

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