FromSoftware: PlayStation and Tencent buy a big part of the studio

FromSoftware: PlayStation and Tencent buy a big part of the studio

PlayStation and Tencent seem to be fighting a battle over who will have the most share in FromSoftware. The two have just placed their marbles in the studio againElden RingBloodborne or Dark Souls.

The planetary cardboard ofElden Ring does he emulate? PlayStation and Tencent strengthen their position within FromSoftware, which is not an independent studio.

PlayStation and Tencent acquire shares of FromSoftware

Kadokawa Corporation, a Japanese media conglomerate specializing in manga and animation, currently owns FromSoftware. But not in its entirety. The firm has just lowered its power over the studio with the resale of shares.

Sony Interactive Entertainment and the Chinese giant Tencent have acquired, respectively, 14.09% and 16.25% of the shares of the very popular Japanese studio in recent years. Note that PlayStation’s participation has jumped from 1.93% to 14.09% in more than a year.

In his communicatedKadokawa explains that the entry of investors and therefore obtaining additional funds will allow FromSoftware to “strengthen its development and publishing capabilities”. In the end, it seems that the Dark Souls studio wants to no longer have to knock on the doors of Bandai Namco or Activision to publish their games internationally. Because in Japan, society generally manages on its own.

With this investment from two different companies, PlayStation’s takeover of FromSoftware seems to be on the way out. Right now, the developers are hard at work on several games including maybe Elden Ring 2 and Bloodborne 2.

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