Friends: James Michael Tyler (Gunther) reveals to be seriously ill


In “Friends”, besides the six main characters, there is Gunther (James Michael Tyler), the server of Central Perk, who made an impression. We unfortunately learn that the actor is very ill. He has stage 4 prostate cancer.

Friends, Gunther, and the Central Perk

If the series Friends is obviously inseparable from its six main characters, several secondary roles also marked the spectators. We think in particular of Gunther (James Michael Tyler) or to Janice (Maggie Wheeler). The first is of paramount importance in the series since it is the Central Perk server, the café where the six characters meet. Present in 150 episodes of the series, he has become over time a friend of the band, and also of the public. Secretly in love with Rachel since the beginning of the series, he is notably indirectly responsible for the break between her and Ross. Indeed, it is he who tells Rachel that Ross cheated on her.

Friends © NBC

James Michael Tyler reveals he has stage 4 cancer

Absent from the screens for ten years, the interpreter of Gunther recently made an appearance in Friends: reunion, the special program that moved many spectators. He was not present on the set, but made a point of leaving a video message to the six actors, and to the public. He appeared very tired, and physically changed, enough to alert viewers. Alas, with good reason, since James Michael Tyler announced a few hours ago to be with stage 4 prostate cancer. The disease particularly affected his spine, making him paraplegic. He confided in an interview given to TODAY Show not having wanted to reveal his illness during the meeting so as not to spoil the atmosphere:

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