Friends Homecoming: Lisa Kudrow had to relearn “You stink of the cat” for the special – News Series on TV


TF1 is broadcasting “Friends Les Reunailles” this evening, a special episode of the “Friends” series which will be the scene of a meeting at the top between Lisa Kudrow and Lady Gaga on the occasion of a duet on “Smelly Cat”.

17 years after the end of Friends, the cast of Phoebe, Chandler, Rachel, Joey, Monica and Ross have reunited for the first time on the occasion of Friends: Reunion, a special program a special program broadcast this evening from 9:05 pm on TF1, and also available on Salto.

If the 6 actors had no problem getting back into the shoes of the characters who made them known, there is one thing Lisa Kudrow had to relearn for the show.

During an interview on the set of Ellen Degeneres a few days after the broadcast of the special episode, the actress returned to the most striking moments of this reunion, especially on his duet with Lady Gaga on “Smelly Cat” (“You stink the cat” in French).

I was really nervous when I heard that. And then I got ready. I realized that I had to relearn “Smelly Cat”. I tuned my guitar and found that I didn’t know the chords“, admitted the interpreter of Phoebe Buffay.

So she did what anyone in our time would do to relearn something: she went Google. “All the chords were there for “Smelly Cat”!“she then said, laughing.”So thanks to the whole world for posting the chords.

If Phoebe was considered the musician of the group of friends, Lisa Kudrow, she never learned to play anything other than the songs of her character. This surely explains why, after so many years, she had to totally relearn the song.

Moreover, when Ellen Degeneres asked her if she knew how to play anything other than “Smelly Cat”, she replied with humor that she only knew the other songs she had invented.

The duet with Lady Gaga has also remained as one of the highlights of the show. The singer took advantage of her meeting with Lisa Kudrow to thank her with emotion for having played a “different” character for 10 years. “I almost cried”Thus confided the actress.

It upset me. Mainly from her. When my son was in elementary school all the children listened to Lady Gaga and she tried to convey, through her songs, the message that everyone should be themselves. It was unbelievable.

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