Free Xbox Game Pass via Twitch but you have to hurry

Free Xbox Game Pass via Twitch but you have to hurry

If you do not yet have an Xbox Game Pass subscription, a solution is available to you, right in time to take advantage of the very nice November selection with cult licenses.

Free subscriptions to Xbox Game Pass PC

Microsoft and Twitch are therefore hand in hand to push the Xbox Game Pass … PC or PC Game Pass (its official name). This is indeed the first condition of this good plan which is not extended to consoles. Then the subscriptions will not be given to you so quickly. Because to claim it, you have to either buy two subs for third partiesthat is be offered two subs by generous people for 3.99€

Once this condition is met, a code will appear in your Twitch notifications that must be redeemed on the Xbox website. All types of subs are eligible except the one included with Amazon Prime.

There are other requirements to get 3 months of Xbox Game Pass PC for free. It is imperative that purchases of Twitch subs be made between this Thursday, November 3 at 6:00 p.m. and Friday, November 11 at 11:00 p.m. The codes will expire on November 18. You have been warned, you really have to hurry!

Finally, don’t expect to extend your current subscription because it’s only for newbies. As often with this type of promotion, the objective is rather to convince new people. In this case, Microsoft wants to capitalize on the rise of PC Game Pass at a time when the number of subscribers is stagnating greatly on consoles.

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