Freaky Review (Movie, 2021)


REVIEW / FILM REVIEW – After his two films from the “Happy Birthdead” saga, Christopher Landon is back with a new horror comedy, “Freaky”, notably worn by Kathryn Newton and Vince Vaughn.

Freaky : a whole concept

After his sympathetic Happy birthdead and Happy Birthdead 2 You, Christopher Landon continues his momentum and signs Freaky, another horror comedy for teenagers. It’s quite simple, the filmmaker uses the same recipe as his two previous films to offer a new tasty comedy. Freaky is a gory and hilarious teen movie, offering a good dose of self-mockery. The director bases his work on a saving concept: role reversal. Even if this approach is somewhat worn out, Christophe Landon avoids clichés, repetitions, and manages to bring his own vision of the thing.

Freaky thus tells how a high school student embodied by Kathryn Newton and serial killer camped by Vince Vaughn swap bodies. The young high school student then becomes a dangerous psychopath and Vince Vaughn a panicked young woman.

The Butcher (Vince Vaughn) – Freaky © Universal Pictures

Even if Christopher Landon sometimes copies / pastes a little too much Happy birthdead, whether in the quirky tone or in the smooth and somewhat impersonal aesthetic, Freaky remains a delicious treat. The film obviously owes a lot to the interpretation of its two main actors. And let’s not hide it, Vince Vaughn is just plain hilarious. It offers a perfect, precise, and often hilarious performance.

At the same time funny, burlesque, ridiculous, the actor lets himself go completely in his role, and is laughing out loud. Vince Vaughn is weakened, feminized, and the difference with his giant size is incredibly effective. Already that the effect was very funny with Jack Black in Jumanji, it is even more successful in front of Christopher Landon’s camera. Even if Kathryn Newton is no slouch, and is doing quite well as a serial killer, Vince Vaughn is worth a visit on his own.

A pleasant comedy

Without pretention, Freaky is a well-established entertainment, often very funny, and rather well paced. Globally oriented towards comedy (even more than Happy birthdead), the film does not forget to offer some tasty gory sequences and a parody tribute to the slashers movies. And even if the plot sometimes goes too fast, and does not take enough time to develop its comic springs, it is a humble entertainment, which could pave the way to a crossover with Happy birthdead.

Freaky © Universal Pictures

Christopher Landon does not forget the social message. He addresses the condition of women in an increasingly violent and insecure society. He probes the position of the woman in relation to the man. Through this inversion, he demonstrates the power of women, their emancipation, and their ability to cope without male and patriarchal intervention. Overall the message is clear: the woman regains power with a good kick in the testicles!

Freaky by Christopher Landon at the cinema from June 23, 2021. Above the trailer. Discover all our trailers here.

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