Freaky by Vince Vaughn: “I had more fun playing the teenager than the serial killer” – Actus Ciné


Emmanuel Itier


Based in Los Angeles, Emmanuel Itier accompanies DashFUN on American releases, providing interviews / junkets and coverage of US events.

Thanks to “Freaky” and its story in which a serial killer and an introverted teenager exchange their bodies, Vince Vaughn offers himself two colorful roles. And he comes back with us to this particular experience.

Playing serial killers, Vince Vaughn knows how to do and he proved it in the remake of Psychosis signed Gus Van Sant. He also masters comedy, and examples abound, from Dodgeball to Serial Noceurs. Thanks to Freaky and his story in which a serial killer and a teenage girl swap bodies, he can combine the two and offer himself a dual role.

At our microphone, he returns to this new experience offered by Christopher Landon (Happy Birthdead) and reveals that, if the two roles were fun to play, the teenager was more fun than the killer. It remains to be seen what is happening with Kathryn Newton, his partner in this story of “body swap” which mixes comedy and horror.

Interview by Emmanuel Itier in Los Angeles – Editing: Arthur Tourneret

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