France: the deployment of fiber seems worrying in the country

France: the deployment of fiber seems worrying in the country

Obviously the deployment of optical fiber in France seems rather nebulous and problematic according to Arcep. Explanation.

Laure de la Raudière, President of the Telecoms Regulatory Authority is worried about the state of fiber optics in France. And we can understand it when we see the number of cities, even next to the capital, which do not yet have modern access to this type of infrastructure. While the other side, much less wealthy countries like in Eastern Europe, are fully fibered even in open country.

Fiber in France, a whole story

It is in this context that Laure de la Raudière warns of a slowdown that she considers “worrying in the pace of fiber deployment” in certain areas of France. According to Arcep, deployment in dense and moderately dense areas is idling.

A major problem, the historical ADSL copper network will no longer be maintained by 2030 and 2026 will mark the end of the marketing of ADSL services. With a fiber which is far from being accessible by all, this could quite simply be catastrophic for the French internet network.

We could ask Orange not to close on certain batches if they were not sufficiently covered by the fiber.

At the same time, and as specified Le Figaro, 2% of the number of fiber optic lines in Île-de-France, have a failure rate well above the average. In short, between breakdown and deployment in slow motion. We can say that France is in deep trouble.

What about your internet connection? Anddo you have fiber optics?

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