France: repair your iPhone or your TV with the help of the State

From mid-December, France will introduce a bonus for repairing electrical and electronic devices. This unprecedented boost is with a view to extending the life of equipment and thus reducing waste and therefore pollution. Provided for in a law in 2025, its implementation will begin on December 15 with a first series of devices concerned, other categories will arrive by 2024.

France helps you with your repairs

With 410 million euros for six years, the financing of this bonus in France is obviously provided by the manufacturers themselves. Thus, individuals will be able to go to one of the 500 approved repairers and benefit from a discount for the repair of an electrical appliance. This number should increase thereafter to reach 1,500 in 2023 and then 10,000 in 2027.

We learn for example that a coffee machine or an iron will benefit from 10 euros. While a device such as a DVD player, home cinema, bicycle or scooter will benefit from 15 euros. The complete list is available via the website EcoSystem :

@ EcoSystem

A game console will therefore be entitled to aid of 20 euros and a telephone 25 euros while a television set will be able to benefit from 30 euros. Small sums but all the same a nice gesture to help small budgets to be able to reuse their devices more easily in France.

According to the two eco-organizations, the packages should correspond to around 20% of the average repair cost and the aim of this aid would therefore be to reach the psychological threshold of the consumer, hesitating between a repair or the purchase of a new object.

What do you think of this financial assistance for repairs in France?

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