France: piracy down for a simple reason

ARCOM, the regulatory authority for audiovisual and digital communication in France, has just published this study i.e. the 2022 barometer of the consumption of dematerialized cultural goods. Within this one can discover that at least 73% of French people have at least one paid subscription for music or video. Consequently, the average amount of French people is 32 euros/month for dematerialized cultural goods.

More subscriptions therefore less piracy in France

Overall and according to the report, Internet users in France would be 24% to have pirated, which is still a drop of 4% compared to last year. Obviously if the blocking of specialist sites in the field is one of the reasons (closure of ZoneDeTéléchargement, etc.) it is quite obvious that the increasing share of French people taking a subscription on a streaming platform has something to do with it. When you subscribe to Netflix, Amazon Prime and the like, you are naturally less tempted to find illegal movies to watch or music to listen to. This is especially the case for music with millions of songs accessible by simple subscription to Apple TV, Deezer, etc.

This fall in illicit consumption in France is observed for more than half of the goods observed. This is particularly the case for three of the categories of audiovisual content (films, series and sport), which in 2021 were the most illegally consumed by their consumers.
Infringing practices with regard to films and series are down (down 6 points each) and now concern 23% and 19% of consumers respectively. A sharp decline was also observed for illicit music consumption, which also fell by 6 points (13%) in line with the increase in subscriptions. In terms of access methods, streaming and direct downloading remain the most frequently used for illegal consumption by 55% of illegal consumers (+5 points at constant scope) and 42% respectively. They are followed by peer-to-peer, which concerns just over a quarter (27%, stable rate) of Internet users in 2022, and social networks (also 27%, -7 points at constant scope).

In detail, films represent the largest share of French consumption for dematerialized goods, just ahead of music, then TV series and finally photos (?) and video games. France therefore still loves cinema but consumes it differently.

France: piracy down for a simple reason

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