Fortnite: you are not dreaming, Metallica arrives in the game

Fortnite: you are not dreaming, Metallica arrives in the game

This isn’t the first time that Fortnite has brought many elements from outside its universe through partnerships. But this time it’s about the music.

Fortnite is a bit of a king when it comes to forging partnerships and bringing content that has nothing to do with its universe. Star Wars, John Wick, Dragon Ball... Everything is an excuse in popular culture to make content out of it. This time it’s about adding one of the most popular metal bands in the world to the game: Metallica. Hell yeah!

Will you take a little Metal in your Fortnite?

It is through the twitter account official Fortnite that we learned the news of this improbable cross-over:

Pull some strings with the Master of Puppets emote to Metallica music.

We are therefore not entitled to skins of members of the group like James Hetfield or Lars Ulrich in Fortnite but rather the addition of a paid Master of Puppets emote which costs 500 V-Bucks, or about 3, 50 euros. This will also launch a segment of the famous piece of Metallica. Might as well please our ears… The good news is that it is possible to play it without paying for the emote by cunning a little and simply taking advantage of a friend who puts his hand in the wallet.

Indeed, the first person to do the emote will be represented as playing the guitar in front of the microphone but up to three other players can participate even if they have not purchased the emote, they then take over the drums , second guitar and bass to complete the quartet. Enough to attend a metal concert directly in Fortnite.

The least we can say is that this song is on the rise in 2022 since it has been (re)discovered by a whole new generation via the series Stranger Things on Netflix and the much-loved character of Eddie Munson in the protagonist’s final scene.

In the same vein, Rock and Metal have always had a strong link with the world of video games and this is not the last update of Beat Saber which will make you think the opposite:

What do you think of the addition of Metallica within Fortnite?

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