Fortnite too addictive? a curious trial is underway

Fortnite too addictive? a curious trial is underway

As reported by CTV Newsand it’s quite grotesque, Epic Games is being prosecuted in Canada for using “experts” to make Fortnite too addictive, to “force” players to stay on it as long as possible. The complaint filing also claims that the game fails to properly explain how addictive or harmful it can be to play. Fortnite for an extended period. The class action was originally filed in 2019 and would have been authorized on Wednesday by the judge of the Superior Court of Quebec, a certain Sylvain Lussier.

Fortnite too addictive!

Within the lawsuit against Fortnite, we can read:

The effects of video game addiction, including Fortnite, on children’s brains are particularly damaging in that when continually attached to their machines, they develop severe impairments in their ability to integrate the full spectrum of emotions. human”

Specialists point to gaps in vocabulary as well as gaps in social integration. Indeed, the continued use of electronic devices is known to cause significant changes in the prefrontal cortex of the human brain, changes that particularly affect young, developing brains..

Under these conditions, the Epic studio retorts via PCGamer :

We have industry-leading parental controls that allow parents to oversee their child’s digital experience. Parents can receive playtime reports that track how much time their child plays each week and require parental consent before purchases are made, so they can make decisions that are right for their family. We also recently added a daily spending limit. Default for players under 13.

In short, it remains to be seen what such a lawsuit will bring against one of the biggest video game publishers in the world.

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