Fortnite: bad news for fans, delay in approach

Fortnite: bad news for fans, delay in approach

Fortnite fans are all eagerly awaiting the famous Creative 2.0 mode. However, we will still have to wait.

Obviously, we can say that Fortnite is a tough game and after the years, Epic Games always finds a way to add content to it via improbable crossovers. Goat Simulator, dragonball or Metallica. This time the expectation is high for a certain Creative 2.0 mode, which should be a small revolution for many.

Fortnite Creative 2.0, finally not for now

Fortnite Creative is a game mode outside the Battle Royale that we know and which allows players to create their own games in Fortnite. The mode originally debuted in December 2018 and allows players to build alone or with friends. In this context, Epic had the ambition to offer a version 2.0 which, as its name suggests, aims to greatly improve things. With in particular a new editor, more precise, with many new customization options including a tool to create your own character model. It will even hit NPCs with greater control. In short, an ultimate sandbox mode that should be a major addition to the (long) career of Fortnite. It was originally supposed to be released in January of this year, but we will finally have to wait at least 1 more month.

It is Tim Sweeney (founder of Epic) himself who announces the news via his official Twitter account as you can see below:

Assuming there are no further delays, we should finally see the release of the Unreal Editor for Fortnite in just over a week!

Sorry, there will be no UEFN in January. We are now targeting March.

Note that Epic is “aiming” for March, which does not mean that there will not be an additional delay, which could still change the plans of the community a little more. What do you expect from your side of the famous Creative 2.0 mode of Fortnite ? Is this something you are interested in or do you prefer to stick with the battle royale?

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