Forspoken : oops, PlayStation Japan leaks a nice surprise

Forspoken : oops, PlayStation Japan leaks a nice surprise

Overnight the Japanese PlayStation Twitter account reposted the gameplay teaser Forspoken which will be broadcast during the Game Awards ceremony. But the catch (for PlayStation) is that the thumbnail says “Demo Announcement Trailer Forspoken“. The tweet has now been deleted, but obviously an user was able to save the information nice and warm.

A demo on the way to Forspoken

It has already been announced overseas, why was this Japanese tweet deleted?

So it looks like there will soon be a demo of Forspoken to get your teeth into, which seems quite logical given that the open-world action RPG produced by Luminous Productions has raised some questions during the various videos that we have been able to see.

For memory, Forspoken is due out on PC and PlayStation 5, and will also take advantage of advanced technologies like ray tracing while being the first PC game to use the DirectStorage API. A technology that should significantly improve loading times. Finally, always for our computers AMD has partnered with Square Enix to implement its own technologies such as FSR 2.0), the equivalent of DLSS but for the reds.

The game is scheduled for January 24, 2023. And for the record, the scenario seems to mix magic and fantasy world:

Torn away somehow from the city of New York, Frey Holland finds herself trapped in the impressive world of Athia. A magical bracelet with a conscience is inexplicably wrapped around her wrist, and Frey discovers that she can cast powerful spells and call upon magic to traverse the sprawling landscapes of Athia.
Frey nicknames his new companion “Krav” and sets out to find the way home.

She soon discovers that this beautiful world once flourished under the rule of benevolent matriarchs named “Tanntas”, until a merciless plague corrupted everything. The Mist has transformed animals into wild beasts, men into monsters, and the landscapes full of life into four dangerous realms. The Tanntas now rule over their destroyed domains as mad and evil witches.

HASdo you have any expectations about Forspoken ?

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