Forspoken : a violent, dark game… and with microtransactions

The cleaver has just fallen for Forspoken : it will be PEGI 18, prohibited for children under 18. Square Enix’s action-RPG will contain violence and deal with a particularly dark theme.

Forspoken Although it has a magical side to its spells, it will not be in everyone’s hands. This is what the PEGI description of the game shows us.

Forspoken will be more violent than it seems

Forspoken has been reviewed by the European classification organization PEGI. This entity aims to evaluate the content to warn consumers before purchase. And for Square Enix’s action-RPG, it will be PEGI 18. “This classification was assigned because of the references to suicide and use of swear words ».

In the description, a scene is quoted and refers directly to the character of Frey Holland, the heroine.

One of the scenes shows a desperate woman standing on a ledge, drinking alcohol, and wondering if this world wouldn’t be better off without her.. When she is about to take the plunge, she is saved by a mystical presence. Later in the game, she is pushed by a villain who tells her she should have killed herself. Forspoken also contains crude “Fuck” language and more moderate terms.

L’PEGI rating Violence is also reported when Freya is attacked by a gang of thugs, who hold her at gunpoint and beat her in the abdomen. Mobs will leak yellow blood.

Presumably, the player will also be able to go to a bar to consume alcohol. The statistics will then be affected negatively and randomly.

…and will have in-game purchases

Forspoken  PS5 microtransactions

Without really knowing the importance of microtransactions, PEGI advises that Forspoken includes the “ability to purchase in-game items in the form of downloadable content packs”. However, we do not know the content for the moment.

Future scripted DLC? Outfits or makeup for Freya? Indeed, the heroine can for example change the color of her nails, which will modify her overall skills. The “Blue Flash” varnish allows you to recharge your attack spells more quickly.

Forspoken will be released as a time-exclusive PS5 and on PC on October 11, 2022.

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