Forspoken : a game that fully exploits the PS5?

Forspoken : a game that fully exploits the PS5?

During a livestream, the team of Forspoken gathered to talk about the game and provide new info, in addition to showing the title. Will it be one of the PS5 ambassadors?

Forspoken should not be postponed any longer and will therefore be available on January 24, 2023 on PS5, PC.

The universe of Forspoken

During the livestream of ForspokenRaio Mitsuno, creative producer, said that the story of Forspoken comes close to works like Narnia or Alice in Wonderland. In the sense that Frey Holland, the heroine, is parachuted into a world totally foreign to hers. A universe where magic is queen, in total opposition to the city of New York, the true home of this character.

The story has passed through several hands. First that of Gary Whitta (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, The Book of Eli…) who created the concept of Athia, the title world, and Tantas, the antagonists with the keywords “Magic and Fantasy”. Then it was Amy Henning’s turn (Uncharted) and the two main screenwriters. Thanks to the translation of the event by Genki-JPNwe also know that Bear McCreary (God of War Ragnarok) composes the music.

The developers of Forspoken added:

This is not a game you play a second time after completing the story. It’s a game where when you’ve finished the story, you can stay in the world and play.

Instant fast travel thanks to PS5’s SSD

Apart from these details, we had a glimpse of fast travel in Forspoken. And the least we can say is that it’s impressive. There is almost no transition from the moment we select a drop point, and our arrival at the chosen destination. On this point, the PS5 is clearly exploited as it should be.

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