Forspoken : a disappointing demo? Full game will be better

Forspoken : a disappointing demo? Full game will be better

Faced with player feedback on the demo of Forspokenthe creative director of the game promises that it is not representative in the whole of the adventure.

PlayStation Japan had spoiled the surprise, but Square Enix did release a demo of Forspoken on PS5. A trial version that worries some players. Right or wrong?

The demo of Forspoken is not representative of the game

The PS5 demo of Forspoken is available on the PS Store and it’s no featherweight. To discover what the new Luminous Productions franchise has in store, you will first have to overcome a challenge: overcome the download, which weighs no less than 30.6 GB. A beautiful baby!

A preview in which Frey must complete five objectives using his “arsenal of attack and support magic”.

Get an overview of Forspoken and dive into this action-RPG with this special demo. Jump into the lake garden of Avoalet and traverse the sprawling landscape of Athia using magical parkour. Complete five main objectives to aid Frey in her quest for the way home, and discover detours as you explore. Take on fearsome foes with a vast arsenal of attack and support magics.

A demo that bodes well? Reviews are mixed with good (fights, parkour) and less good (the vf, graphics, quest…). But nothing to be alarmed about because according to a recent interview with Raio Mitsuno, creative director on Forspoken. “The full game is not designed like this » he explained, adding that the demo was created especially for the occasion.

The game will be available on January 24, 2023 on PS5 and PC.

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