Forspoken : a completely ridiculous and awkward trailer that is parodied

Forspoken : a completely ridiculous and awkward trailer that is parodied

Despite its postponement to January 24, 2023, Forspoken keep showing up. After a very noticeable appearance at State of Play last March, followed by a few gameplay videos here and there, here it is again with a fresh trailer. The developers probably did not expect such strong reactions.

When a trailer of Forspoken gets hijacked by the Web

A month after its postponement, Forespoken is showing its face again. Square Enix released a new trailer on its social networks and the least we can say is that it got noticed. Not for its technique, its gameplay or its environments but because the tone used is considered completely ridiculous by many players. In this short promotional video where the heroine Frey narrates her situation and it must be said that it is a very good introduction to the teen movie.

Ok, to take stock. I’m somewhere that isn’t Earth… I see bloody dragons… And oh yeah, I’m talking to an armband. Yeah okay, that’s my thing now. I do magic, I kill big critters, maybe I’ll start flying next “says the protagonist as gameplay sessions scroll by.

The trailer did not fail to react. Some have expressed concern about the game’s writing and storytelling. Many believe the dialogues will be at best cringe at worst one of the weak points of the game.” The dialogues and the video made me want to die jokes a famous YouTuber. On the other hand, the Internet and social networks being what they are, the promo finally ended up being parodied and there are some frankly funny ones in the lot.

The best parodies of the video

Bloodborne, for example, is entitled to the same treatment. ” Ok, to take stock. I’m somewhere that isn’t England. I see damn werewolves and, oh yeah, I’m talking to a doll! »

Good old SungWon Cho also went there from his diversion with Super Mario Odyssey, Animal Crossing: New Horizons and even Danganronpa in the batch. His video concludes with Monokuma, the murderous bear calmly stating “ That’s what I do now! I kill high school students… “.

Several other Internet users went there with their parody of Forspokenhere are some other examples:

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