Forget Bloodborne 2, FromSoftware fulfills another fantasy

Forget Bloodborne 2, FromSoftware fulfills another fantasy

Winner of the GOTY 2022 with Elden Ring, FromSoftware has given The Game Awards a massive gift to their fans by bringing back an old franchise. A clue in the room: a game with big mechas.

The Game Awards 2022 evening was fruitful for FromSoftware. The Japanese studio has been awarded several times for Elden Ring. But is it really the Game of the Year?

In return, we had a huge announcement from them.

FromSoftware’s wonderful gift to their fans

No, Bloodborne 2 excluded PS5, it’s still not for tomorrow. But you should never say never. Especially since for once, FromSoftware is working on multiple games at the same time. Very mysterious until then, the studio opened last night to reveal its plans.

That mecha fans take the time to sit down on a sofa so as not to fall, Armored Core VI Fires of Rubicon was announced with an ultra classy trailer. For this return, after 10 years of absence, FromSoftware has teamed up with Bandai Namco, already publisher of some of their titles.

While building on the foundations of the franchise, made famous for its big robots, Armored Core 6 will take advantage of recent games from the studio.

The new Armored Core will combine these elements with thrilling action that only mechs can achieve. The video game promises to be a brand new entry into the mecha action game genre.

This new component will keep the difficulty of FromSoftware games for fights “intense and memorable” and will have “A rewarding progression system and deep gameplay ». The icing on the cake for all gunpla fans, the player will be able to assemble his mechas.

Players will find the feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment when they overcome a difficult situation or the feeling of pure pleasure during a victory before meeting the next challenge.

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