For PlayStation, you will pay a high price for the Activision takeover

For PlayStation, you will pay a high price for the Activision takeover

Yet another installment in the Microsoft Activision Blizzard takeover saga. Once again, PlayStation makes its disagreement felt on the issue.

The takeover of Activision-Blizzard is a bit scary for PlayStation which would seek to prohibit the acquisition via the CMA (British Competition and Markets Authority) this is nothing new. But this time the manufacturer also wants to put forward other arguments to scare the user. Explanations.

For PlayStation, you are going to be wronged in history

In a recently published response to the CMA’s statement, Sony said it was confident the UK regulator would conclude that the merger is likely to result in a substantial lessening of competition. Because if the takeover takes place, independent developers would (according to PlayStation) all be harmed and Microsoft could even increase the prices of games, hardware and subscriptions.

In the medium term, a significant number of PlayStation users would likely switch to Xbox and/or Game Pass. Faced with weaker competition, Microsoft would be able to : increase the prices of consoles and games for Xbox users; increase the price of Game Pass; and reduce innovation and quality.

In short, PlayStation is brandishing the argument of fear to convince the CMA to act and why not at the same time to create “popular” pressure on the issue to stop the process.

Microsoft’s lockdown strategy would lock many consumers into Xbox, including existing Xbox users who play Call of Duty and those switching from PlayStation to play Call of Duty.

PlayStation goes even further by explaining:

As Microsoft banned PlayStation/PS Plus, it would likely become a key distribution channel for indie developers. In this weakened bargaining position, independent developers would likely receive worse terms for their content at Microsoft or even be required to promise exclusivity in exchange for distribution..

What do you think of this kind of statement?

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