Football Manager 2023: the beta arrives in early access, what you need to know

Expected for November 8, 2022, the most impatient and excited about football can already access the early access beta of the Football Manager 2023 game. Indeed if you have pre-ordered the Sports Interactive title you will be able to access it two weeks in advance on one of the following platforms: SteamEpic Game Store and Microsoft Store.

Football Manager 2023 in your veins

Soccer Manager 2023
A better observation mode is on the program.

Note, however, that this is as indicated of a beta version. Its purpose is to help in the development of the game or at least finalize it to eradicate the bugs that may still be present. To help developers, you will also have access to a “Report bug” button. For the occasion, the online game mode is available, but access to the Steam Workshop, as well as the prematch and match editor will not be available before November 8th. But the good news is that if you want to start a solo career, it will still be available upon release, so your progress won’t be lost.

Among the novelties we note in particular a significant improvement in the AI, especially at the level of the coaches, a revised and corrected observation system, and the Squad Planner function allowing better management of its recruitment objectives. We will obviously offer you a test on DashFUN so that you can form an opinion.

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