Flash Promo: A 2000 GB SSD at a bargain price, compatible with the PS5!

Flash Promo: A 2000 GB SSD at a bargain price, compatible with the PS5!

The PS5 is the most popular console right now. But what would this console be without a 2000 GB SSD? Because although the PS5 is the best in its category, its storage capacity is very limited.

But good news, it is now possible to expand the storage of your favorite console without breaking the bank! In effect, a 2TB SSD is available at half price on Amazon. It will undoubtedly make an excellent Christmas present for the happy owners of the PS5.

47% off 2000GB SSD for PS5

Disappeared from the market for a while, the PS5 had become rare since its release. Indeed, it was difficult for gamers to obtain Sony’s latest console, which was often out of stock. But recently, it is gradually beginning to resurface in stores.

If you already have one or plan to buy one, you should know that its storage capacity is not enough to accommodate a large number of games. And for good reason, its operating system takes up all the space, leaving little free space. To take full advantage of it, it is strongly recommended to integrate an SSD, ideally 2 TB.

This holiday season, Amazon is launching a surprising promotion on the Samsung 980 pro SSD. With a discount of 47%, it passes from 424.70 euros to 226.68 euros only, either almost half of its original price ! For a 2TB model compatible with the PS5, we can say that this is a huge deal!

The perfect SSD for the PS5

Compatible with the PS5, the Samsung 980 Pro SSD is a high-performance model. With a read and write speed that easily reaches 7000 MB / s, it is a reference in terms of SSD for PS5. So you will never have a problem loading games again.

At a time when SSDs are sold at unaffordable prices, the Samsung 980 Pro SSD is on sale on Amazon. However, it is a 2 TB model, more than enough to store all recent PS5 games.

You should know that this SSD is not compatible with the PS5. It is also perfect for improving the storage capacity of your PC.

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