Fire Emblem Engage announced for Switch with a surprise for fans

Fire Emblem Engage announced for Switch with a surprise for fans

The Nintendo Direct is off to a flying start. Big N got the ball rolling with an announcement eagerly awaited by license aficionados: Fire Emblem Engage. Here’s a first look at the new installment that clearly wants to kickstart fans of previous games.

Fire Emblem Engage official on Nintendo Switch

It’s official, the next installment of the franchise is called Fire Emblem Engage. As good news never comes alone, the game is already holding its release date. The Nintendo Switch exclusivity gives fans an appointment fromJanuary 20, 2023. Few details are known at this time, but we already know that we will play a hero who wakes up from a sleep of a thousand years and who will be able to summon the characters of previous episodes like Marth & Celica.

One thing is certain, Fire Emblem Engage will once again be a turn-based tactical RPG featuring fan-favorite heroes and an all-new cast. Some information was given as to the history of:

1000 years ago, our lands were the scene of a terrible war against the Fallen Dragon. We called in heroes from other worlds. Heroes called Emblems. Through them, warriors cooperated across nations. We finally defeated the Fallen Dragon, and imprisoned him. Our world has not been worried since. But I feel it reborn. The seal weakens.

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