Final Fantasy: the license in danger? The director of FF16 is worried

Final Fantasy: the license in danger? The director of FF16 is worried

In 35 years of existence, the Final Fantasy license has established itself as a monument of RPG and video games. Despite its critical and commercial success, the franchise is still not immune to unpleasant surprises. In a landscape that is changing so much, Naoki Yoshida, director of FF16 and great savior of Final Fantasy 14, expresses his concern.

The Final Fantasy series in trouble?

Does the Final Fantasy license have anything to worry about? In an interview with Ireverse, Naoki Yoshida spoke about the status of the license. The one who is working hard on the long-awaited Final Fantasy 16 draws up a less positive assessment than his colleagues. For him, the franchise is indeed struggling to catch up with the rest of the industry.

In terms of whether Final Fantasy successfully adapts to industry trends, I think the license is in trouble. We are at a point where we are getting a wide variety of requests regarding the direction of our game design. To be honest, it will be impossible to satisfy them all with a single game. My current feeling is that all one can do is create multiple games and continue to create the best possible games at all times. .

Naoki Yoshida, director of FF16 and Final Fantasy 14

As it stands, Final Fantasy indeed offers a plethora of diverse and varied games. Souls-like with Stranger of Paradise : Final Fantasy Origin, racing with Chocobo GP, turn-based with FF6 Pixel Remaster and action with FF15. Not to mention the remasters, remakes and all the other spin-offs of the license. Yoshida admits in this interview to have higher expectations for the series, without specifying in which direction he would like it to go to catch up or exceed the rest of the industry. For the moment, the franchise still has a bright future ahead of it and 2023 should be a great year for fans with the arrival of FF16 and FF7 Remake 2.

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